About company

Ship-Repair Enterprise «Danubeshipservice» Ltd. is one of the leading players in the market holding some 60% of the small size river and sea going vessels in the Odessa region.

The branch is characterized by high labour-intensiveness, energy consumption and necessity of the modern equipment.


The demand for company’s services isn’t seasonal but constant. Enterprise provides repair of vessels with weight under 4 thousand tons and length to 120m (possible exceptions):

  • Sormovskiy;
  • Volgo-Balt;
  • Amur;
  • Omskiy;
  • Volzhskiy;
  • ST;
  • STK;
  • Sea and river barges;
  • River pushers.

Consumers of services are not only shipping companies of CIS, but foreign shipping companies and ship-owners. Flexible scheme of interaction with suppliers allows carrying out repair works rhythmically and opportunely. Danubeshipservice keeps close contacts with classification societies for many years and is holding exceptional reputation. Vessel`s passage of such types as Sormovskiy, Volgo-Balt, Amur, Omskiy, Volzhskiy, through horn Bystry in direction to shipyard, capacity of which is 3000 m, disbursment is approximately equal to 5500$.

Danubeshipservice holds competitive advantages in the following points:

  • highly skilled qualified professionals;
  • flexible price policy and repayment scheduling;
  • fulfillment of the new contact obligations in terms of repair works etc;
  • introduction of new repair technologies.

The list of the services offered by ship-repair enterprise “Danubeshipservice”, regarding repair of sea and river vessels, dock weight to 4 thousand tons and long to 120 m, includes the complex of industrial and  repair work connected with renewal field-performance data of vessel, including:

  • repair, cleaning and hull coating;
  • repair of screw-rudder set having screw diameter till 2,5m, repair of outboard fitting;
  • repair of main and auxiliary engines, vessel’s gears, mechanisms, systems;
  • repair of fuel equipment;
  • repair of pipeline and pumps;
  • repair of hatch covers;
  • repair and regulation of automatic and electrical equipments, radio-navigation device;
  • manufacturing of complex vessel’s constructions (nozzles, rudder blade and etc.);
  • manufacturing of propeller shafts having diameter till 800mm and length till 10m;
  • recovering of propellers by welding method and gas-flame powder sputtering;
  • recovering of ship’s aluminum piston;
  • manufacturing of cast-iron mouldings.

Because of wide nomenclature of auxiliary manufactures the kinds of works specified above are carried out by own forces of  enterprise, various kinds of machining of metals, performance of moulding of various details from bronze, pig-iron, aluminum  are provided; heat treatment and forging of details are made.

The specified list of services constantly extends because of introduction of new technologies in manufacture process.

Main principles of our work are:

  • competent manpower policy;
  • transparent system of pricing;
  • strict performance of obligations concerning repair terms;
  • application of progressive technologies.

Enterprise staff is completed with qualified experts with wide experience of work in ship-repair branch. Qualification of many workers is unique in Ukraine. Besides, at requirement occurrence, brigades from the adjacent enterprises of branch, as subcontractors are operatively caused.

The quantity of workers is 375people, who are:


-basic workers-293

-workers of auxiliary services-6

-workers of docks and tug crew – 36

Pricing policy introduced by yard’s administration is efficient, transparent and profitable for customers not only in their regions but for the formers of CIS. The policy Danubeshipservice is based upon customer satisfaction through protection their interests, serving their needs and, most importantly, the fulfillment of the contact obligations